The World’s Tallest Buildings

The World’s Tallest Buildings,

The World’s Tallest Buildings

Skyscrapers will increase energy efficiency significantly and will seek Gold LEED certification of existing buildings. Certification will depend on the performance of the building after the upgrade and renovation took place. In the next 18 months skyscraper is set to get a big eco-upgrades in an effort to save money, reduce its impact, and get much coveted title of “World’s Highest Green Building.” In 2007, the Burj Dubai exceed Taipei 101 in height, but the building is not going to give Taiwan the fight, throwing $ 1.8 million in increased energy efficiency, which is expected to generate $ 20 million per year in savings and make the earth green and the buildings highest. Taipei 101 is known as one of the world’s tallest buildings. Taipei 101 owners who work with SL + A International Asia Inc, Siemens and EcoTech International Inc. to complete the eco-upgrade.

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