Software for Design and Furnishing Home

Software for Design and Furnishing Home,

Software for Design and Furnishing Home

Planner IKEA is a useful Online Service that allows design and furnish an apartment or house online, You can see also in 3D, such as live. Before you decorate your home or only a room to be fixed in head the finalWho does not know any way use your computer you to do a project from some architects, who knows how to use the computer before using programs to furnish as Finson 3D Interior that does not cost much , or through pCon.planner that is totally free , first does the project he and save the actual design. There is a third possibility that is DIY , the project will not be paid and you save 100%IKEA is a leading DIY about the home furnishing , and, Planner IKEA obvious for a program , it has created a free online service , very realistic, with dimensioning , color and 3D to let you design and decorate your home virtually before you do it actually, The project can then also export to PC and / or print on paper, to save it without wasting paper will print to a virtual example PDFill PDF Tools (for windows) that you will save in PDF. In the first image I put the 3D view, first But you should work in 2D because you can put the odds precise , this is planner IKEA 2D:
Although it is an online service offered by IKEA, thought rightly to increase sales of its products Planner IKEA is totally freeNot obligated to buy anything , design and furnish a virtual home, without having to install programs on your computer is very simple (there are illustrated guides very detailed ) and completely free , the projects saved will remain on the server to IKEA for 365 days.

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