Raffles City – UNStudio

Raffles City – UNStudio,

Raffles City – UNStudio

Raffles City – UNStudio

Raffles City are the 2 new towers proposed mixed use UNStudio near the river Qiangtan in Hangzhou, China. The towers, which have a design that rotates in the vertical offering around 300.000 m2 for residential and hotel space.

These towers are intended to give life to all the area around the year 2012 with the aim of increasing visits and transform this place as a new arrival point for tourists and visitors as explained by the architects.

In addition, much of the philosophy behind the Raffles City is to integrate mixed uses to the urban context through the formal gesture of rotation, which opens through the views of the urban environment and the natural landscape. Raffles City is the result of 4 years of design, its 2 towers reach a height of 60 floors and direct their views to the Qiantang River and into an area of ??lakes located in the West.

The design also took into account materials with low environmental impact and efficiency systems. Another feature was the mixed-use plan, which reduce distances and do not require the use of transportation. The project was designed under the LEED standards aiming to achieve a Gold Certificació.

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