Photo Contest

Experiences in nature can be so powerful, so beautiful, so funny…some of us lug back sticks and stones we hope will somehow capture what the experience meant to us, and others (perhaps the more rational) take photos (genius!). That’s why we’re thrilled to host this rad photo contest ~ that sounds so competitive….how about we call it a photo sharing game!

This month’s theme: To the bottom of the sea

Show us how you love the ocean: they can come from the beach or from within the sea…

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You submit a photo to: Please include: your name, age, and one line that tells us something about you. Please provide a link to your website so we can properly credit you. By submitting your photo you are giving us permission to post your photo (and credit you) on our website and in our social networks.

Step 2: On September 17th: We pick our favorite photos from the submissions and post on the website

Step 3: On September 21st: Our esteemed judge of the month will announce his decision about the winner.

The Prize:

Tatzoo is the proud sponsor for this month’s prize.  The winner will choose an endangered animal of their choice and tattoo artist Erik Rieth (one of the owners of Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco) will design a temporary tattoo of that animal.

Tatzoo trains biodiversity conservation leaders who use creative advocacy to protect local endangered species.  They believe our generation has an unprecedented ability and responsibility to pass on a world rich in biodiversity.  Their tattoos represent a commitment to confront and solve the extinction crisis.


The other prize:

Your photo will be featured as the background image on our photo contest page for the next month with a link to your (wherever you want it to go…website, blog, fan site, linkedin page, dog house…)

Our esteemed Judge of the Month: Kris Krug

Kris Krug is an artist, activist & author based on Galiano Island, British Columbia. He is the owner of  Static Photography and is also a teacher and consultant for new media and the Internet. For three years, he was the editor-in-chief of the online magazine *spark, a culture and technology monthly with a philosophical bent. He is the co-author of Killer Photography With Your iPhone & BitTorrent for Dummies. Kris’s photographs have been published in National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Fortune, PBS, and many other online and print publications.


Last Month’s Winner: Anne-Louise Betts

“Whilst visiting my friend in Texas (April 2012) it was arranged that we would go to the ranch where the series Dallas was filmed. I enjoy this photo as both the trees and the shading they create draw your eyes to the centre of the picture. It is a never ending journey.”