Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

Pet Friendly Hotel Chains,

Finding pet friendly hotel chains is important to many guests. Traveling with pets can be a challenge, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a good night’s rest. There are many great hotels that will welcome any pet you bring by with you during your stay.

Finding them doesn’t have to be tricky either. This guide will introduce you to the basics of finding pet friendly hotel chains. You’ll want to keep a few tips in mind before you set on your trip, though.

One thing to keep in mind before you leave is that not all pet friendly hotel chains will offer the same deals. There are some that do put restrictions on the type of pet that you bring. For instance, some may only allow cats or small dogs that are under a certain weight limit.

There are other pet friendly hotel chains that will put breed restrictions in place to prevent aggressive dogs from coming there. That means that if you have a Pit Bull or Rottweiler, you may have to search a little longer to find the perfect hotel for your pet.

How Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Work

The main idea of these hotels is to cater to families and individuals who want to bring their pet with them on a trip. They understand how difficult it can seem to board a loveable pet in a kennel and leave them there for a long period of time.

After all, many pets have separation anxiety issues and will get very nervous if their owners leave them behind on a trip. You’ll want to check into the rules for some of these pet friendly hotel chains before you book a room.

Many of these pet friendly hotel chains have excellent accommodations, even for their four-legged guests. They may include built-in dog bowls or litter boxes in each room.

This can cut down on the number of things you have to pack for your trip. They may also have designated areas for dogs to do their business in an outside, grassy area. They could even offer complimentary dog treats to welcome their furry guests into their lovely hotel.

When you first check in to your room, talk to the hotel manager at the counter. If you weren’t provided with a brochure explaining their pet policy, the manager should be willing to talk to you about it. Now would be a great time to ask about any ground rules for having a pet on their premises.

They may have restrictions about where pets can go, or whether they have to be on a leash the entire time. Talking about these rules ahead of time can prevent problems from occurring later on during your stay.

Before you head out on your trip, it would be a good idea to double check on the hotels website about their pet policy. There are some pet friendly hotel chains that have different hotels within a city.

Some of these may be pet friendly and others may not be. Some popular hotels that allow pets include the Red Roof Inn and La Quinta Inn. Feel free to look online to find other great pet friendly hotel chains.

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