Mediteranian Minimalist Beach House

Mediteranian Minimalist Beach House,

Mediteranian Minimalist Beach House

Mediteranian Minimalist Beach House

Mediteranian Minimalist Beach House

Dreamland has a beach house in the metropolitan city it is not impossible anymore. Ber is shown with its various designs and models all become possible.

Themes beach house is the most popular theme Mediteranian. Mediterranean view home is impressed more cheerful colors because of them generally pastel colors. Exterior form and design houses are also more rileks and not rigid as most homes.

“In Greece, the building, kuilnya carved out of stone because the abundant material available. If in Africa, Morocco, Spain to use the land see. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the brick more appropriate. The differences in the day-night temperature in the country require special wall and thick for keep warm.

“House Victorian style more elegant, and I also like the house of stone. In addition, good scenery, cool yes, we see the water, also located near the mall,” explained. However, the problem appears when the water began to flood the road and in front of the house.

Water problems certainly will not overwrite the houses in the region far from the sea and if it would ‘bring home the beach”to the city should pay attention grip-grip tropical house. That is, adapting the style of any kind, Mediteranian, art deco, modern, minimalist or advisable to comply with the classical grip tropical house.

Have adequate ventilation, is able to accommodate the needs of two seasons, drought and rain, and the system has to overcome the natural air humidity. Model metropolitan beach house architecture is merely a choice, not compulsion. If Mediteranian style modernetnik or not in accordance with your style, try to consult with the architect to deliver nan personal dream home.

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