Landscape City Proper

Landscape City Proper,

Unfortunately not enough appreciate our surrounding landscape and include it as our own for the World Health Organization it counted as square meters of green areas, the fine print specifies that this should be a maximum of fifteen minutes walk. The task is daunting because of the 2.6 counted as square feet per capita green area in Santiago, it is unclear what their quality or if you can even think of these spaces and added as green areas. One of the first challenges we face as urban citizens not only meet international standards to ensure, but caring for our quality of life, understand that what happens in the city is a reflection of our dedication.

We could say that if our self image is a projection of what we eat, our public spaces are a reflection of our interest and concern for them. I remember the importance to have this dedication to our city, I realized one afternoon walking around Beacon Hill in Boston. A few steps ahead of me walked a lady about 65 years old, tall and distinguished as a model of a publicity photograph of Chanel. It was an autumn afternoon in the leaves of oaks and lined the streets and sidewalks, so I see this lady bends down, picks up something and keeps it in a plastic bag he carried in his hand. I would have picked up a sheet of special color, but a few steps later I see that crouches again, and what leaves were not collected but it was a speck, something like plastic wrap candy, nothing particularly street afeara but she was upset that his street. A little walk and went to his apartment I did not hear it.

I remember this scene as an important lesson not only of courtesy but of civility. To this lady what was happening outside his house door was his business, the street was also hers and she was not willing to wait for grooming and adornment were to sweep, but ducked and cleaned if that was necessary for quality of life in their neighborhood outside the standard expected for it. What is our challenge? We mourn the pain of having only 2.6 square meters of green area per inhabitant, with the hope that real estate, municipal departments or rescue us, take charge and give us what is right, or we can imagine the town and landscape that deserve and build ourselves with the belief that the city is our own landscape.

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