Kitchen set minimalist Design

Kitchen set minimalist Design,

Kitchen set minimalist Design

Kitchen set minimalist Design

Kitchen is one room that should have in our house, because in the kitchen of the house to do cooking activities – cooking for the whole family. Along with the development of community kitchens started to change. Previously, in general, in the kitchen divided into the kitchen clean and dirty kitchen and is located separate to the main house is located in a corner or back home the impression that the kitchen is less good when the guest or seen by outsiders, because the kitchen seemed dirty and disorganized.
In the modern kitchen we know there are two types of kitchen is the kitchen clean and dirty kitchen where both have a different function, the kitchen serves only to clean up dirty kitchen while food for work activities that actually cooking. But now because of the demands and needs of the design houses that have limited land, the dirty kitchen and clean the kitchen together, we often call this pantry.Hal the kitchen that need good and well designed so that the beautiful views, functional, safe, comfortable and healthy . Can be said that the demands of life today makes the kitchen as a room in the house who can work ganda, not only as a place to cook, but also a place to receive guests, especially guests who have been close to us .. Various aspects that can affect the design of the kitchen in our house, such as laying on the kitchen, the kitchen layout, kitchen set design and material that will be used. Here we want to try mengulasnya more.

1. Laying on the kitchen in the house should be positioned in the area to get air circulation andĀ  the lighting is good, so that later we will create a healthy kitchen, and comfortable.

* To get the air circulation is good planning position laying side by side with the kitchen should open area such as parks. Because odor-bauan not want that can easily diffuse to the air . it can also prevent the risk of fire from leaking gas pipes and tubes, because the gas will be easy to diffuse the air outside. When the position of the kitchen lets not get a natural circulation of air can use exhaust fan or cooker hood that many in the market.
* Lighting can kill the good bacteria and germs in the kitchen, then the position should have a kitchen window or side by side with the open area so that the sun can illuminate the kitchen on the day the kitchen .if not possible to obtain light from the side, so natural light can be from lighting from above for example, the kitchen made some plafond transparant so that light can enter
* The kitchen floor should be made equal to or higher approximately 3cm-5cm with the surrounding space will be easier because in the cleared dirt and remove the remnants of food processedĀ  kitchen. Flooring material selected materials that are easy care.
* The position of the kitchen should be adjusted to the habits of the house owner. When the home owners happy with the cooking invite some friends and will be presented directly to the kitchen near the dining / living room with a table or have a minibar in the kitchen.
2. Modern kitchen has a range of layout, which depends on the activities and needs of owners and the availability of space in the house. Layout design is expected to assist in the use of comfortable and functional. In determining the appropriate model with the activities we can make the work flow. Work flow is obtained from the cooking habits of the sinks (the washing), the cooking and refrigerator. Flows from these we will get the layout of the kitchen. Some examples of kitchen layouts:

a) single-line layout shape layout is the most simple. By laying sink, refrigerator and cooking area on one line, this is because the kitchen alley or corridor-shaped area with minimal equipment and only have one wall.

b) Layout U
U-form layout applied either when we have a room with a sketch of the square area is large. Because the layout is positioned opposite each other with a sink and cooking area adjacent to the refrigerator. Or cooking area is located between the position of the sink and refrigerator. so that work flow will produce a compact and efficient.
c) Layout L
An appropriate form of layout used in the room who want kitchen integrates with the dining or living room will be open because of the one opposed sisi.Peletakan sink area with refrigerator and cooking.
d) Layout Breakfast nook
This form is mostly applied in the kitchen tiny apartment or a house which is mostly limited luasannya. This layout is also included in addition to the kitchen table or breakfast minibar such that its function as a handy table. We may be able to partake of olahannya. Usually this form of love that people who have a solid rushing rutintas demand hari.3 speed in the morning. The first thing that needs to look at in designing the kitchen. specify what style you want to use in the kitchen whether your style Colonial, classic, and minimalist. Should be tailored to the style kitchen furniture furniture on your home. because it will feel strange when you furniture is mostly classic style suddenly entered the kitchen a modern minimalist concept.
The size of the kitchen furniture such as kitchen sets in the measure must be carefully tailored to the kebutuhan.jangan and furniture to cooking such as frying pan, a pot with different size of property you can not enter into the cupboard. To make a list of furniture is what will be input into the cupboard in the kitchen set and you start mengukurnya. Do not forget to account for any electronic equipment that will occupy as your kitchen refrigerator, microwave etc., because the electronic equipment is mebutuhkan electricity supply, so we must consider the location of the ignition stop.
The selection of materials that will support the charming beauty of your kitchen. But do not forget to preservation of the material and how perawatanya. Beautiful views but it is not durable or difficult perawatanya akan membengkakan your expenditure. For that we must consider the costs. There are several choices of materials for kitchen set that you are in the market.
a. Material Kitchen Set
Selection of materials for kitchen cabinet set will determine the style you use, such as aluminum and stainlesssteel akan cause the impression material the use of modern timber can be impressive classical, modern, minimalist and natural depends on kitchen design concept that is adjusted with the concept, you have to be consistent. The use of concrete materials, the effect will be cool and natural. When this is popular enough and is still in use of materials like wood. Because wood is easier to create a style, easy on the padupadankan with other material. Material on the timber that is divided into 2 solid wood and wood processing. Solid wood such as teak more expensive but more durable. Wood such as multipleks the difinishing with teak plywood, Sungkai, Mahogany, nyatoh or Ramin.
b. Toptable for material that serves as a table for cooking durable than we should also consider the treatment. There are several materials that can be used as a table top. Tacon is the material most often encountered in the kitchen to tabletop set because most economical. Marble will provide a luxurious feel, can also be applied as a marble tabletop, but has a pore-pore that allows fluid entry to them. And will leave the former when exposed to the fluid should be in the clear, the price is quite expensive. In addition to marble, granite materials from natural stone or granite processing that is not porous and more durable luxurious look. Type and price also varies. Polyrezin terazzo also toptable can be used as your price is quite affordable and have a variety of colors, but generally the market is in the black and white. Alternatively can use stainless steel that is easily cleaned, but scratches easily and the material from the tabletop ceramics / mozaik can also be a choice.

Design a functional kitchen makes it easy for users working cooking – cooking. In addition to the functional kitchen of the present are required to be able to see beautiful and clean as it integrates with the location of the dining room or family room where space is gathered only for the family even if it just relaxed with it will be convenient if the kitchen looks dull and dirty and visible from space eating and living room, kitchen in other words we can show that as the order interior feasible to enjoy the home by the guests who come and

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