How To Install Shelves Correctly

How To Install Shelves Correctly,

Installing shelving in your home can be a very easy task. However, when shelving is installed improperly, it can look bad, decrease the life of the shelving and also create a safety hazard. To install shelves properly, you must understand how the walls in your home or apartment are built.

There are different methods of installing shelving depending on two major factors, the type of wall material and the weight to the shelves. Using anchors when installing shelves can help hold the screws or other mounting devices to the walls to better support the shelves. Anchors are generally rated for the weight they can hold, so make sure to choose one that will support the weight of the shelf you are hanging as well as any items you plan to place on the shelf after it is installed.

Drilling a hole in the wall, insert an anchor into the hole. Depending on your mounting device, you will generally attach the mounting device to the wall, then attach the shelf to the mounting device. Using screws, attach the mounting device to the wall where you have installed the anchor, making sure when installing the anchor that you have a straight line from one end to the other and that the line is level. After installing the mounting device to the anchors, you are ready to add the shelf to the mounting device.

Once the shelf is securely anchored to the mounting device, again check that the installation is level. A shelf unit that is not level will tend to allow items to slide off the lower end, creating a safety hazard. Shelves that are not level will create a focal point in the room that you will not intend. The added weight on one end of the shelf due to it being installed uneven will also shorten the life of the anchor points, allowing the shelf in a short period of time to become loose on the wall or worse, fall off the wall.

Carefully adding items to the shelf, ensure that the shelf is not pulling away from the wall as weight is added. If the shelf begins pulling away, it is probably that you have used an anchor that is not rated for a high enough weight to support the items and the shelf together. You may need to start over, installing an anchor rated for a heavier weight. So if you need more storage, shelves are a simple method and be aware of the points above in order to install shelves correctly.

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