Get the look: Urban Kitchens

Get the look: Urban Kitchens,

Get the look: Urban Kitchens

Get the look: Urban Kitchens

Get the Look: Urban Kitchens
Kitchens should reflect the body and soul of the property in which they reside – whilst stripped pine units look great in a cottage, an urban setting demands a radically different approach to styling and design. Get the urban look with these key points:

Exposed Brickwork
Currently the ‘new black’ in the world of kitchen fashion, exposed brickwork, painted or raw, offers the perfect opportunity to achieve the ultimate in loft-space look. If your property is of the right age and construction, strip back the paint and plasterboard to reveal the brickwork; to keep the look practical as well as beautiful the bricks should be treated to seal the surface.

Industrial Appliances
Big is better in the world of truly urban spaces and if you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of warehouse style housing, no doubt you’ll have the room. Take inspiration from industrial kitchens and opt for large stainless steel double ovens, American size refrigeration and keep white plastic goods out of sight.

Cupboards and Storage
Fitted kitchens are a great way to achieve a sleek, minimal look. If possible opt for a made to measure model that is designed to accommodate your unique space. Wall hung cupboards are not the style norm in urban designed kitchens – if you need the storage space opt for metal shelving and racks, metallic knife strips and saucepan and utensil racks.

Concrete Floors
Concrete as a flooring choice is becoming increasingly popular and in doing so is offering more practical and attractive solutions. Whilst it can be cold underfoot, the solution is to install under floor heating – electric or water, to maintain an ambient temperature. For sleek, hygienic design solutions the concrete needs to be sealed and hardened before being polished using industrial diamond abrasives.

Fixtures and Fittings
Minimal designs should be complimented with stripped back and bare fixtures and fittings – look for classic designs that offer a bit of an industrial, rustic edge, including metal dish light shades, exposed copper piping for plumbing, and steel or concrete worktops.

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