Five simple tips for improving your home security

Five simple tips for improving your home security,

Five simple tips for improving your home security

Five simple tips for improving your home security

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have their home broken into by thieves will tell you that it’s an awful feeling – as well as the sorrow that comes from having irreplaceable sentimental items taken, the psychological impact of having your safe haven violated is something that lingers long after the incident has occurred.

You owe it to yourself and your family to ensure that your home is as secure as possible to deter criminals from targeting your property. By improving your home security you’ll also get an added bonus on top of the peace of mind that comes with burglar-proofing your house – the reduced risk of break-ins will also likely mean a reduction in any future home insurance quotes you receive. With that in mind, here are a few ways in which you can set about keeping potential intruders at bay:

Invest in heavy duty locks
Secure doors and windows with locks that will withstand a reasonable amount of force. Many older houses will feature locks that are trivially easy for an experienced burglar to force open, so be sure to check each potential entry point carefully and beef up your locks wherever needed.

Be alarmed
Installing a burglar alarm may mean a significant outlay at the outset but it’s an unparalleled deterrent to would-be intruders. If an alarm goes off as a burglar attempts to gain entry to your property, they won’t be sticking around to snatch your valuables – so if you can afford to have on fitted, go for it. If you can’t stretch that far, consider having a dummy box fitted instead as a visual deterrent.

Don’t make it easy to gain entry
An alarming number of people continue to place emergency door keys in obvious places. Seasoned burglars know all of the traditional hiding places so have some initiative and avoid having your key underneath the doormat or a plant pot. Your best bet is to leave a key with a nearby friend or family member who can keep it in a truly safe place in their house. Also avoid keeping your keys on windowsills that are visible from outside the property as burglars will be happy to smash a window to get hold of them.

Don’t advertise your absence
Canny criminals will know to look for the telltale signs of a vacant property so be wary of things such as piles of post building up while you’re away. If possible, ask a friend or family member to check up on the house at regular intervals and move any built-up post to a different room. For similar reasons, it’s a good idea to temporarily cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries for the duration of your time away from home.

Light it up
Motion sensing lighting systems installed outside your property are a great way to deter burglars as they will make it difficult for them to skulk around outside without being spotted acting suspiciously by neighbours or passers by. It’s also an idea to install interior lights that can be set to come on for specified periods while you’re away from home, giving the impression of the house being occupied at all times.

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