Distribuidora Alfa – Chavarri Busquets Energici Ltda

Distribuidora Alfa – Chavarri Busquets Energici Ltda,

Distribuidora Alfa – Chavarri Busquets Energici Ltda

Distribuidora Alfa – Chavarri Busquets Energici Ltda

Distribuidora Alfa – Chavarri Busquets Energici Ltda

The assignment: to resolve a distribution center with a contemporary corporate building to reflect the flow intensity and diversity of products (magazines, publications, etc.), considering future growth of the distribution shed.

The goal: to promote a corporate image for the company of color and movement, referring to the diversity of products distributed in a flexible and open floor plan and create efficiency, control and security in the process of distribution.

By its very high fuel load is a firewall that has divided throughout its length the volume of distribution warehouse offices, connecting two specific points through fire doors and an interior gateway from which to observe the whole process of house .

The building, settled in a very simple volume terms of its longer front to the south on two levels to a corporate image for the company. A white frame contains the color and the movement defined by the play of shapes and colors in the layout and size of various THERMAL, which are arbitrarily breaking the corner where lies the management. A double height entrance hall is the main access to the offices and distributes flows to management and the administrative sector.

To the west of this building shows a target volume that contains the dressing rooms and casino floor staff strategically located for access control and efficient flows.

Only one access control sector flows administrative offices, personnel and distribution process, which distributes a controlled access to each of these 3 areas, achieving efficiency and functionality.

The warehouse distribution through 8 to 10 doors on the platform overlooking a large courtyard for maneuver that allows a strong flow of movement. This volume projected to grow to the East is also on her lap playing with the corporate color and movement.

Materials: Structure of the house of columns and beams of precast concrete, steel structure covered with insulation. Coatings prepainted metal panels, concrete radieres, industrial doors.
The office building of steel structure based on columns, beams and trusses collaborating metallic slabs coated prepainted metal panels and thermo various dyes and specification. Slate flooring and carpets in canes, modular and volcanic skies.

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