Decorating Your Home with iPhone Application

Decorating Your Home with iPhone Application,

Decorating Your Home with iPhone Application

It’s called Mark on Call and is an iPhone app developed by MoC Interior Designer. The application allows you to create plans details and any room in the house. There are so many pieces of furniture in order to provide for furnishing the various rooms. In fact, images taken from the iPhone camera can be used to reproduce some materials and put them in the project, and in addition you can change color and size of the different accessories included . Profit is also the option to create a list of all the essentials and not to complete the projectAnd then share it with others . E ‘ available for those interested , the new version, which brings some major improvements and innovations , we look like:

* Ability to publish and share their creations in a gallery online
* Ability to download new items for the home
* E ‘ can now collaborate with other web users with regard to the creation of a project
* Inseriemento new rooms
* It ‘s time modify and delete the angles
* Ability to move the walls
* Improved rendering
* Customize the background color of the walls
Mark On Call is a cute program designed for all lovers of design can be downloaded at AppStore.

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