Decorating Kitchen on a Budget of $200

Decorating Kitchen on a Budget of $200,

Kitchen is a place in home where everybody congregates for different activities including eating food. It is also the place which is everybody’s favorite room so its decoration can enhance its beauty and make this place lovely, vibrant and warm. The task of kitchen decoration becomes easier for you, if you can achieve the same in a small budget of around $ 200.

The following simple tips and tricks can help you in decorating your kitchen and give it a fresh look.

Replace old hardware with a new one.

You can install entirely new range of hardware as per latest trends on your kitchen cabinets and almirahs. This simple change will give your kitchen a stylish look.

You can paint some of the selected areas
With a small budget it may not be possible to paint entire kitchen, but you can simply paint a border, cross color some drawers. You may paint few accessories, picture frames, and stools.etc. You can add some artwork using a simply ply board on a kitchen wall and see the results!

You can sew kitchen window curtains
If stitching is a passion for you then you can create some vibrant color window curtains for kitchen but now days some non-sew ones are available in market which look as great as some expensive ones and they come really cheap.
Change the Table Settings
You can buy new table tops, place settings and napkins etc. Same old table with these new accessories will give a royal look.

You can add visual delights
You can buy few kitchen containers, baskets and jars and then fill them with fruits, colorful delicacies which you really like. You can easily find these items in market and they won’t break your bank.

You can add some inexpensive shelves
You can buy some simple inexpensive shelves from market and mount them at suitable place in kitchen. You can keep kitchen cookbooks, jars containing kitchen items, flower vases. You can also keep some of the kitchen items which are not so frequently used.

You can add decorative lights
Though lighting is expensive but you can always add few decorative lights at strategic points in kitchen. It will enhance the beauty and look of kitchen.

Make a Statement with Your China
You can use a small almirah with glasses and display your chinaware or silverware. It will surely make an artistic statement.

Make your own artistic style with plates

You can find mismatched plates which are lot cheaper at resale shops, garage sale or close outs. Now you can create your own artistic style with mismatched plates!

Give New Look to Seats to Your Kitchen
Going out and buying new range of chairs or stools will shake your decoration budget, so you can just shop for colorful seat cushions and covers. When used, they will give a new look to your kitchen.
You should use your creativity with imagination and shop wisely when you decide to decorate your kitchen, because then you would be able to give a more impressive look to your kitchen on a moderate budget.
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