Beferly With White Interior Design

Beferly With White Interior Design,

Beferly With White Interior Design

Beferly With White Interior Design

Beferly With White Interior Design

Living in the apartment reflects the lifestyle of the people all practical, efficient, but still consider the aesthetic elements of regulation are reflected in the interior.

The description is visible in the interior design Beverly House in Toronto. With modern packaging, this unit apartment styled with menyiasati space for the interior an elegant atmosphere.

In the design of apartment type units show three bedrooms, two rooms together – ie, living room and dining – placed side by side without using the insulator. This is done to create the atmosphere of the room a more spacious. Space into which the fastener area transition towards a private area. Ie bedrooms and service area.

With white areas that dominate the room, choosing furniture family room in the stress of interest. Sofa, coffee table, carpet, desk and side with the feel of a selected relative contrast with the color white, the furniture looks so prominent.

Different from the feel of the living room, dining furniture are presented in color with a color that is identical with the main room. Dining table and chairs dominated white combined with elements of transparency that seemed to light as a table top.

Various settlement schemes in the fields of room divider to create a dynamic atmosphere in the interior rooms. Elements of the reflective mirror, wallpaper, area shuttle, display rack built-in with the minimalist design, and a maximum view to the area outside the apartment to the aesthetic quality of the room.

Settlement areas that are applied to the family room with games and the use of a mirror symmetric applied also in the main bedroom. Elements of indirect lighting and the use of wood floor pattern of the atmosphere intimate and warm. It is a unique space in this area is the implementation of a transparent partition between the bedroom with a toilet.

To optimize the existing area, the bed in the bedroom the child is placed high enough from floor room. Space that is under utilized as a functional place to study. In the bedroom, the second child, the area is quite big mirror placed on one side wall to create space with a roomy atmosphere.

Kitchen space look unique through the use of transparent material on the kitchen set of shelves and the use of glass elements in the field facing the wall with the kitchen set. This is to create visual effects that make the corridor to the room does not seem like alley.

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