The Beautiful House Floor With Wood Element

The Beautiful House Floor With Wood Element,

The Beautiful House Floor With Wood Element

In the modern era such as that at this time loaded with technology, many people prefer a simple home design, minimalist, but still healthy and comfortable. now you can also beautify your home by adding the element of wood on the floor, wall, building construction and roofing shingle.

In terms of appearance, not less wood material with others. Because of that, various design styles such as contemporary style, modern, ethnic, or suitable to use the classic wood floors because the functions and appearance are very flexible. Characteristics of wood as building material is also a main reason in the wood, among others, easily formed, strong enough and able to show her a good form of color and texture.

In addition, the use of wood floors, modern design in the works for “me the impression of a soft, modern building that used to always use high-technology materials such as glass, steel, metal and aluminum. With the use of wood floors also can provide warmth in the entire space. Using a wooden floor in the house or other buildings will not be boring because the temperature of wood to balance the space and feel comfortable in the foot because the wood fibers and have a smooth pattern.

There are several types of wood such as wood balam, hevea, mindi, bangkirai, kempas and merbau. For this type of wood usually use imported beech wood, walnut, oak, maple, iroko, cherry and so that each fiber has a look and a different color. Below are some specifications of the wood floor can be identified as follows:

1. Camphoric
A kind of wood resin sea a very strong resistance to its used. Therefore the type of wood is often used to cover the floor even for construction.

2. Teak
Types of hard wood which is very resistant to weather and high temperatures. Teak is widely used as basic construction materials building in the countries of East
3. Nyatoh
Very strong and durable for long period of time. Can cut the wood fiber flow but not easily done, or be chiselled. Wood fiber is quite rough and soft. Colored chestnut.

4. Mahogany
Color dark floor with a characteristic color tropical hardwood timber that has a strand order. Natural resistance to the moth, strong and easy to be chiselled. Mahogany at this time many are closing as a floor.

5.  Sungkai
The type of wood that is very popular in contemporary design and very good to coat the surface, especially on the floor. Flow uniform wood grain, color and light can be immune.

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