The fact that you have a bathroom with a small window does not mean that you ignore the issue of bathroom curtains. Even with a small window, you still need privacy and bathroom curtains become a must have item.

Having bathroom curtains on a small window can greatly change (positively) the way your bathroom looks. It is a fact that the size of a room determines the size of windows, therefore small bathroom windows naturally mean that your bathroom is small. You will not do it any harm by getting the right bathroom curtains that will diminish its small look and make it comfortable to have a bath in while maintaining privacy.

While selecting bathroom curtains for your small bathroom window, do take note of the following:

(a) The curtain you choose should not obstruct light in any way. The fact that the window is small means that only some light is visible. Fixing curtains that can absorb the light will naturally make your bathroom look too small and dim. Go for bathroom curtains that will reflect light into the bathroom. The two important issues to consider here is the fabric and color of the curtains. Bathroom curtains behave differently with light. While some will allow in natural light that is soft and appealing, other fabrics absorb the light that is required in the bathroom. Colors too have effect on light. Bathroom curtains with dull colors will naturally obstruct necessary natural light. You should go for curtains with colors that radiate and as such will enhance the light.

(b) It is very awkward to have a large bathroom curtain on a small window. This completely turns you or your visitor off and you may not enjoy using your bathroom. Ensure that the curtain you go for is in line with the bathroom proportions. The curtain does not necessarily need to be in measurement with the window. Its sides in particular can be long, making one have a feeling that the small window is not small.

(c) Consider the nature of your bathroom window glass panes. Are they plain or frosted? Frosted window glass panes do not allow in all the natural light available. If you add on a curtain that absorbs light, you will be blackening out your bathroom. This is certainly not what you want. Frosted bathroom window glass panes require very light curtains that will enhance the effect of the little available light.

(d) Add-ons. Since your bathroom window is small, consider incorporating other appealing curtain accessories. These can be along the bathroom curtain sides or along the lower edge. They should be shiny to reflect the available light in the room. These create a positive effect and diminish the fact that the window is small.
You can create a big impact in your bathroom by simply selecting a bathroom curtain for your small window, and you do need to spend a fortune to get this done. There are several appropriate curtain fabrics that will serve you well. In this case, a simple, cheap cotton fabric that is in appropriate color can be very effective in providing for privacy and enhancing natural light effect.

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